Sour diesel strain

Ganja Express Sour Diesel strain has a good reputation among all types of cannabis users, and for a good reason, Sour Diesel strain is one of the most potent strains of all time. It smells like skunk, fuel, citrus. But it might not be one of the most delicious, but it has a fantastic outcome. Sour Diesel is unbelievably capable of relaxing and boosting, rendering it the perfect choice for individuals with mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder.


Ganja Express Sour Diesel strain ideal pick in the morning, just like your first cup of coffee, so it’s no wonder why many cannabis users prefer this strain as a morning wake and bake treat. It is beneficial for those who have mental disorders. Many consumers who love this potent strain have recorded a dazzling, thrilling, and vibrating feeling they experience after utilizing this strain.


It is not only sparkling and skunky with its aroma, but also with notes of lemon zest and other citrus fruits hidden in its taste, possibly why it is called “Sour.” When this strain of marijuana is smoked, its flavor is earthy and occasionally lacquered with a bit of citrus fruit. Above all, expect the skunky and pungent nature of Sour Diesel to overwhelm the other elements of its taste and leave citrus or spice quite subtle.


It is known that this strain is a creative, altering mind that has little effect on the body and does not pull the energy away, which is why it is so common with patients with medicinal marijuana.

With THC percentages 18-26, you should expect a small amount of this marijuana strain to go a long way, particularly if you get your hands on a top-quality bunch. It also keeps your body and mind relaxed, delightful and encourages you to do tasks throughout the day. Sour Diesel is flexible and versatile.


It’s a lovely variety of weeds that preserves positive energy, ideally matched to someone dealing with grief, anxiety, and stress. It is also safer to smoke a balanced amount of strain and not exceed the consumption if you smoke Sour Diesel.


Sour Diesel is a filling up marijuana strain, so if you’re a person who often suffers from fatigue, then you can count on this potent strain to get you back on your feet and go on a day again. If you are suffering from exhaustion, take a marginally higher dose of Sour Diesel Weed to ensure that your day goes smoothly. If you are interested in trying this potent strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit Ganja Express, one of the leading online dispensary and order now Sour Diesel, and start enjoying its amazing effects.


Green crack

GanjaExpress Green crack allows you to desire more and more before you get a taste of the energy and beauty that it has to offer. This strain isn’t going to crash you, and it’s a nice comedown, even. In other words, Green Crack is perfect for morning and day use if you need a lift during a stressful, busy day.


There are two key forms of Green crack that continue to circulate on medicinal marijuana and recreational cannabis markets. The sativa shape of Green Crack is the most frequently used version, which is famous for its energy efficiency and potent strength. The second variant of the strain, which tends to be less common, is 75% indicia.

The strain that we will address in this Green Crack analysis is known as Sativa, which produces around 15 to 20 percent THC, and is considered to be well above average relative to other cannabis strains, but is still not unusual.


Green crack hits you with an aroma that is citrus and fruity, yet perfectly balanced with earthy, woody, and hearty complexity. Its flavor is good, and certain phenotypes express a more pungent taste of strawberry or citrus, which takes you across a juicy, mature mango when chewing. Expect a tang on your tongue right after your first smoke, and your palate is satisfied; however, you want more.


The results of Green Crack with a genetic breakdown of 65 percent Sativa and 35 percent indica are genuinely Sativa. You can begin by feeling the initial energy boost directly in the heart of your body. Finally, it can move through your head, where powerful brain influences can be feel, which will elevate, optimistic, gloss and completely bliss your brain and soul, likely culminating in a boom in artistic and spiritual energies.


Green crack is not suitable for treating especially urgent medical conditions, but it offers real support to someone who has become tired, exhausted, anxious or stressed, generally related to a medical condition. Its strong Sativa effects are vital to keep you alert and get you up no matter what the day looks like. With so many prescription drugs that induce fatigue as a side-effect, Green Crack is truly outstanding at alleviating this and allowing people who take these drugs to be fully within the reach of their daily lives.


These positive effects from green crack marijuana consumption make it ideal for a day or morning strain, one that lifts a smile, alerts, and focuses. If you’re someone who works in a creative field, Green Crack would undoubtedly help you complete the sometimes boring activities that need a little extra encouragement. If you are interested in trying this potent strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit GanjaExpress, one of the leading online dispensary, and order now green crack and start enjoying its excellent benefits.

The Ultimate Guide to Weed Measurements

First chance to buy Ganja Express weed? It sounds simple, but especially if you don’t know the different measurements of weeds, and the terminology is complicated. You need to know the different terms used to measure weed to make your purchase correctly and take up your dose.

Even if you’re a beginner, it’s best to know all about measuring cannabis. Learn the following terms before you go to the nearest cannabis store.

Why are these measurements of weeds significant?

These concepts need to be understood to know if you are overspending on marijuana or other cannabis products because you need them, of course, whether you intend to use cannabis as medication or for medicinal purposes.

How much weed you will receive for each dollar, so you can search for a better price. There are so many legal clinics and weed stores online, so take your time!

Measurements of cannabis, mainly where edibles and cannabis concentrate are used, are quite essential. Knowing the various measurements of weed can further standardize legislation in Canada, where it is legal to consume cannabis.

You will hold 30 grammes of dried weed at one point, according to Canadian rules. This means 150 grams of fresh weed, 5 grams of concentrated marijuana, 450 grams of cannabis edibles, and 2250 grams of liquid. These measures are always in grams, but the measurements of the cannabis are in ounces.

General use of weed measurement

Quite apart from the measuring system, the most popular marijuana measures are certain specific words and phrases focused on purchasing weed. It is necessary to understand these words, as you can find them in stores, on the street, and even on websites.


The dime is a word that applies to packs of $10. This is a calculation focused on the sum of money that you are paying for marijuana. Remember that the quantity of marijuana you get from a dime depends on where you are and the standard of your supplier’s goods.


Dub is another metric that’s based on how much you pay for weed. Dubs refer to packs of $20. The dub and dime are not used by reliable online cannabis dispensaries and stick to using weight measurements, whether imperial or metric.


The eight is 3.5 grams of weed and refer  an eight of an ounce.  For first-time users and casual smokers, the eighth is a good amount of weed; they can use this amount for a week on a moderate basis. If you are trying out a new marijuana strain, the eighth is also just the correct amount of weed. Take note that an eighth will not satisfy experienced smokers, and they may immediately consume this small amount.


This is about 7 grams, and it is the quantity most cannabis users prefer. For an experienced user, a quarter of an ounce can last for a long while. With this amount, for every gram of weed in bulk, you save.


Half is about half an ounce or about 14 grams. Half an ounce is for average smokers who sometimes want to buy cannabis. You can save half a gram in bulk. You’re going to get a lot more out of your money. Buying half an ounce is a good start if you want to have enough weed or weed to share with your friends for the weekend.


An ounce of Ganja Express bud is about 28 grams and is one of the strongest cannabis concentrations. Typically, you don’t have to buy more than 28 grams, so buying more would create a stale stash if you don’t want to use an ounce of marijuana right away.

Higher education: The top universities offering cannabis degrees

Now that the weed business is expanding, people are trying to learn about Ganja Express weed, plant extracts and the ins and outs of the weed market. A lot of people like to know whether collages or institutions are offering or providing hemp or cannabis education or degree.

Students are now starting to grasp the various aspects in which their lives may be handled with cannabis. These trends open up a fresh job opportunity. No doubt after a hike of cannabis demand, this industry requires more marijuana growers and distributors, but physicians and nurses would help patients get the best medicine to meet their needs.

As we know, cannabis is such a young industry; entrepreneurs continue to lay the grounds for long-term development. Rules shift fast, and laws fluctuate steadily, rendering it impossible for individuals to locate legitimate, up-to-date research materials on cannabis education, or even conventional higher education options related to cannabis.

For the time being, most of the professionals are former amateurs with experience. Many schools and colleges strive to offer cannabis education, and some have already introduced cannabis courses and degrees.

There are many colleges and universities providing marijuana programmes, including:

Lake Superior State University

Lake Superior State University becomes the first university in February 2019 to introduce a degree devoted exclusively to cannabis chemistry. The curriculum offers students a strong base for cannabis chemistry and “the expertise required to hire law enforcement professionals, public health and security, legislative policy, and company implementations in the developing cannabis industries.” LSSU provides a Bachelor’s degree in cannabis business to allow students to pursue the fundamental concepts of business management and incorporate them into the cannabis business. Students depart LSSU with all the skills they need to excel in handling and running cannabis.

University of Northern Michigan

The University of Northern Michigan offers the best degree related to Ganja Express cannabis. The website of the Northern Michigan University states the “huge need for skilled professional workers” in the cannabis industry. The students learn about the genetics of the cannabis plant, as well as the condition of the business and goods in the four-year undergraduate programme. Students then chose to concentrate on a learning track for entrepreneurs or bioanalysts. Since North Michigan University is the only one of its sort, there are few other opportunities for anyone with a degree in marijuana.

There is also a range of trade school initiatives for weed, including Oaksterdam University and Cleveland Cannabis Academy. These courses are typically not provided by universities approved. Experienced practitioners instead give students more practical cannabis knowledge, supplemented with educational tools such as books and multimedia content.

There is no denying that several large universities are reluctant to spend funds on cannabis research. Law change could delay long-term study, costing universities money and time. Although as the idea of legalization was to be promoted in more states and countries, more and more universities are expected to support cannabis studies.

Things you should know about Vaping CBD

Ever since legalization of the cannabis, CBD vape is very popular with all cannabis consumers. Vaping CBD has become the chosen way among many CBD users because it is not expensive, rapid, and bioavailable, meaning that the body can make more usage of CBD faster than other techniques.

Which one do you use: CBD oil or CBD Flower?

Ganja Express CBD Vape oil is derived from hemp in a consumable concentrate; on the other hand, CBD flower itself is the plant, so it is merely dried, trimmed, and refined for use. Each approach to consumption has its positive and negative aspects, and your choice will differ on how you and your body choose to experience CBD.

The concentration of CBD vape oil is higher, as most extraction methods aim to isolate the compound. Vape oils would have 60-80 percent CBD with various terpenes and other compounds to provide a strong flavor and taste experience.

Vaping CBD oil can be more effective than vaporizing the CBD flower since it is discrete and compact. On the other side, the CBD flower delivers a less concentrated CBD dose but gives a more comprehensive cannabis experience of more terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds. Most CBD-powerful flowers would have around 7-15% CBD and THC residues of different plants.

Which CBD vape oil should you use?

This is important because certain products have traces, while others have enough THC to experience a low degree of high. If you like the benefits of both CBD and THC, your choice for usage should be CBD’s flowering. Although a portable dry marijuana vaporizer or tabletop volcano is needed, it is considerably less discreet than the CBD oil vapor that can fit into your pocket.

If you decide that CBD vapor oil is acceptable for your cannabis use, then you have three choices to choose from.


In addition to CBD, these CBD products include everything from cannabis, terpenes, and other active substances. Consumers utilizing full-spectrum CBD goods, such as steam oil, also praise the entourage effect.

The entourage impact is theorized that the mixture of all-natural plant ingredients improves the experience. This means that there are possible indications of THC. If you are attempting to stop THC, avoid products of the full range.


These CBD products contain something from the plant, but not THC. Essentially, large-spectrum CBD vapor oils often allow for an entourage influence, although to a lesser degree, since they do not have THC.


CBD isolates are exactly the way they sound, pure CBD, without any other additives. CBD’s well-being qualities are maximized, thereby minimizing the essence, taste, and scent of the plant.

How is CBD vaporization different from ingestion?

Vaporization is by far the best method to feel the effects of CBD compared to edibles or tinctures, as the inhalation process causes it to reach the bloodstream within 10 minutes or less, depending on the person. Although CBD vaporization allows dosing challenging, different advanced vape pens make it easier to measure doses and personalize the cannabis experience.

Vaping Ganja Express CBD is a popular cannabis user way because it is safe, efficient, and easy to use. Still, it is essential to ask questions, study, and accept reliable labeling to create the best CBD experience, much like any other cannabis goods you may use.

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom: Everything you need to know

Ganja Express Golden Instructor Magic Mushroom is a mystical classic that has been there for decades. The bright yellow-gold caps and the sophisticated lectures give the name of this strain of mushrooms. With this psilocybe cubensis, a magic mushroom package may be predicted to be medium to big mushrooms with large caps, suitable for spore printing.


The mystical mushroom strain of the Golden Teacher has been a favorite among growers and psychonauts for several years. Cultivators love golden Teacher spores because they emerge in a broad flush. And psychonauts enjoy them because the mushroom’s psychedelic trip is considered to have a profound influence.

The magical strain of the Gold Teacher is Psilocybe cubensis, a genus of psychedelic mushrooms that key active agents are psilocin and psilocybin.

Some people claim that a species of the Golden Teacher was first discovered wild in Florida in the mid-1980s. The word spread quickly, mainly because of the familiar golden caps with yellow sprinkles. Compared to other forms of Psilocybe Cubensis, the Golden Teacher’s mystical mushrooms appear very big and elegant.


These Mystic mushrooms are a favorite among farmers since they are reasonably simple to handle and produce. The Golden Teachers have a moderate impact and several positive attributes. People experience euphoria, happiness, and awareness when consuming Golden Teacher mushrooms.

Golden Teacher’s journeys will also be informative or revealing. These mushrooms, as their name implies, offer successful lessons even after an encounter.


Ganja Express Golden Teacher dose will begin at around two grammas dry. For most people, two grammas should be enough to experience such results, but nothing overwhelming. A higher amount will start with three grammas or more, and the Golden Teacher could have more than five grammas in full power. It will take twenty minutes, and the experience typically lasts six hours.


Golden teachers are often celebrated for their mystical and devotional performance. Therefore, this mushroom is not only for informal visits. It may also be used to obtain new insight into you and the world.

It is not unusual to build a sense of clarity and a more profound link with nature after using this mystical Mushroom. Spirit healers use Golden Professor Mushroom as methods to revive the spirit and mind.

Finally, hallucinogenic results are often created by Golden Teachers-a feature popular to all magic mushrooms. With intense open and closed eye hallucinations, predict a visionary encounter along with waves of universal force surging through you.

Treating Lupus with Cannabis

The subject of Ganja Express medicinal marijuana has been explored and discussed extensively. Research has shown that marijuana has potential medical effects for some diseases, but what about marijuana and lupus? Can weed lead to lupus?

About 1.5 million Americans have lupus, with an annual analysis of at least 16,000 fresh cases. The disease’s symptoms can vary from moderate to life-threatening. Lupus is often used in clinics to control signs, although there is no cure for the disease. Understanding the link between weed and lupus helps you decide if marijuana is an effective treatment for lupus.

What is Lupus?

Lupus is known as an inflammatory condition that continues. When anyone has lupus, their immune system is hyperactive as it begins to kill healthy tissue. The immune system creates antibodies that protect against viruses and bacteria in people without lupus, but the immune system did not confirm the distinction between healthy tissue and other substances that cause an immune response if you have a disorder. Your body directs antibodies against your healthy tissue if you have lupus, which leads to pain, irritation, and injury.

Lupus may vary from moderate to traumatic and is considered to be a non-contagious systemic disease. Women are the vast number of people with lupus and are believed to be hereditary and environmental causes. There is no treatment for lupus, but the symptoms may be controlled with corticosteroids, immunosuppressive medicines, and lifestyle changes.

Does Marijuana Help Lupus?

There is some evidence for weed and lupus, suggesting that it can be a valuable choice for persons with this unique disease. As it suppresses various components of the immune system, cannabis has decreased inflammation in the body. It may help relax the irregular immune reaction, which is typical of lupus, regardless of how cannabis can influence the immune system.

In specific, cannabis decreases the amounts of something called interleukin-2 and improves the anti-inflammatory protein interleukin-19.

There are crucial reasons that lead researchers to conclude that weed and lupus may have a positive relationship. Most experts agree that cannabis can combat discomfort and inflammation, and these are two of the main symptoms experienced by people with lupus.

People may profit from weed and lupus from utilizing Ganja Express CBD, which is an essential part of cannabis that does not have psychoactive results. The easiest option for individuals to cope with their lupus symptoms could be to get elevated oral CBD doses. The official position of the Lupus Foundation of America on the usage of medicinal marijuana and lupus is that they encourage further studies on the topic. They often urge individuals with lupus, rather than attempting to self-medicate, to chat with their doctor regarding the possible effects of medicinal marijuana.


In the weed universe, Ganja Express Honeydew is a super perfect hybrid strain considered a significant player. A very stable high-hitter that is enjoyed by new and seasoned users, this strain will make you feel comfortable and like you’re flying.


Honeydew is a widely prescribed strain to help cure an array of illnesses due to its reliable efficacy and elevated THC levels. It will offer long-lasting relief from headaches, migraines, and nausea, offering intense muscle relief and relaxing.

Thanks to its capacity to trigger a state of calm unwinding, it is a favorite for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Therefore, with the assistance of Honeydew, anxiety, and restlessness are often quickly healed.

It can have a fruity, spicy, earthy, acidic, pineapple flavor. This pressure can make you feel euphoric, inspiration, relief, numbness, enhanced appetite, and decreased discomfort when you’re smoking. Slight anxiety and moderate dry mouth can have adverse side effects from this strain.


Honeydew impacts hard and will transform your legs into a gel if you’re not careful. And with roughly 20-25% THC at the start, beginners and first-time users may want a small amount of this strain to consume. In no time at all, the signs of Honeydew creep, beginning with a quick head rush up there, followed by physical relief.

Many experienced cannabis users with strong tolerance have reported that the head-high is set in, which others classify as psychedelic, as soon as the first inhalation happens. As you take the time to adjust to the heightened circumstances, Honeydew is one of the strains that could pause you in your tracks.

For the weak-hearted, Honeydew is nothing. It creates a solid high head with a powerful push to relief, assured in its cortical impact. It’s also worth considering how long the effect will continue, often holding you up to 4 hours in a hazy cerebral high.

The uplifting buzz continues to descend in time from the temples to the rest of the body. It’s not at all overwhelming, though intense. Like the rhythmic wave fashion, it trickles away. It soothes the muscles one at a time and frees any pent-up fear. It is substituted by the heaviness of the limbs that anchors people to their sofas.


Honeydew has a sedative influence that helps you to settle down psychologically. It also has a numbing quality, such as relief from chronic aches and pains, making it a therapeutic benefit.

It has supported those who have stress and other head-high anxiety problems and mood-modifying consistency. Stress levels, combined with body relaxation, are minimized to a manageable degree.


Honeydew, with a feeling of skin-tingling euphoria, instills a cheerful, giggly high mood. It’s uplifting when you keep your attention, although it’s a significant strain on those days when you want to hang out and relax with your friends on the floor. If you’re keen to try this versatile strain, why are you waiting? Visit Ganja Express, one of the leading online dispensary, and order now Honeydew and start enjoying its excellent results.

Banana Sorbet

The GanjaExpress Banana Sorbet strain might sound like a delicious treat, but people say it packs a powerful punch and encourages imagination that brings you a feeling of peace and calmness. This strain is a healthy way to reduce insomnia, alleviate fatigue, and back pain.


Banana Sorbet strain is a hybrid strain 70/30 Indica with very fast-acting performance. Its start is defined by a tinge of euphoria that makes users feel comfortable on their way up. Smiles shine better and induce happy feelings, which encouraging an upbeat outlook.

While the name of Banana Sorbet can suggest a strain that is all light and sweet, the reverse is the case. This hard-hitting and powerful strain typically produces a THC content of 18-20%, making it one of the most potent strains.


It will deliver a robust emotional high that will help you calm your mind and generate a relaxed brain pulse. Banana Sorbet strain does it for those looking for a deep and relaxing downtime. It’s a strong sleep-help for that makes it an ideal night puff.

Not only does it help you to settle down and relieve the tension, but it also helps you feel comfortable and peaceful. That’s what makes it the ideal companion for a nice bubble bath at the end of the day.


With a name like Banana Sorbet, it is no surprise that this strain has a fruity banana smell. This strain has also been inherited by the gentle aromas of its parent strain, Sunset Sherbet.

The Banana Sorbet strain packs all the boldness of the sherbet that we all love of our youth. Deliciously sweet and fruity tastes dominate the taste buds and make it a taste experience. You may also collect a few notes of citrus and creamier.


The initial elevating effects of Banana Sherbet can provide temporary relief from adverse mood disorders, including depression and anxiety.

Banana Sorbet is also ideal for those who suffer from erratic sleep cycles because of its power to calm both the mind and the body, bringing one to a night of restful sleep. In certain instances, it is used in the war against fear and depression to rid the mind of its worry.


GanjaExpress Banana Sorbet is a potent calming aid, commonly used to trigger a gloomy condition with a combination of continuous happiness and relaxation. Its euphoria allows it a perfect tool to relax after a long and stressful working day. If you’re keen to try this potent strain, why are you waiting? Visit, one of the leading online dispensary, and order Banana Sherbet now and start enjoying its remarkable results.

Ways to Save Money by Making Your Cannabis Last Longer_DD

You feel the urge for your favorite Ganja Express cannabis bud, and immediately you realize you’re already consuming your cannabis. We imagine what you think; therefore, we want to share some ways to save your money by saving your weed.

What you need is self-discipline and small improvements in your style of consumption.

Buy in bulk

Always try to buy in grammas, as they are always giving the biggest discount in price. The trick is to break the bags into one-g to maintain a note of how many you consume every day. You can store them in the pillboxes that you use to monitor your other medicine.

Skip the Wake ‘n Bake

There is no question that most pot users enjoy a healthy wake n ‘bake strain; the reason is that they have a special highness that goes with their users all morning long, and even all day long, but on the other hand, we think that the best time to smoke is at the end of a long day when you finish all your duties.

Use Glassware

Glassware is one of your best hemp conservation friends. One bowl a day keeps the jars empty, you know? If you try to save money, take a small $15 pipe. They are far simpler than one-hitters to clean plus rejuvenate, and you can needlessly weed than you can with a joint or a blunt.

Use a Grinder

Grinding Ganja Express weed before packing on your smoking kit is the perfect way to conserve it. When you ground the plant, you increase the surface of the bud you’ve got so that you can potentially pack more buckets of cannabis weeds. Think about it, did you ever place those nugs in your bowl? They don’t fire as much (wasteful), and you still appear to be consuming more pot in a fixed time.

Keep it yourself

Sharing is still essential but understands that you are not the robin hood of weed and don’t have to be necessary. When you have a limited budget, and don’t have a tonne of marijuana, don’t share with anyone.

Vaping instead of smoking

An analysis performed in 2014 with hundred participants showed that vaporization induced more noticeable results with less marijuana. They also mentioned that tastes were improved. Vaporization has also been shown to suppress expired carbon monoxide dramatically and to render bronchial pathways simpler.

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