BuyMyWeed Online, BMWO, has Just Jabbed Up it XXX to an AAAAA Version:

XXX (AAAAA) is a cross between two strains from BMWO, that is OG Kush and XXX. This strain has even won the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in 2014. This strain has also gained a lot of popularity owing to its long-lasting effects. It has bulky and heavy conic buds that shine with oozes trichomes that manifest as a white coat. Because of the OG Kush in it, the buds also emit earthy, pine, and lemon odors that all combine to give off a sap-like essence.  In small doses, this strain is known to make one hype and to rejuvenate mental clarity and excitement. However, in higher doses XXX (AAAAA) will cause a double effect for both. If you are suffering from nausea or severe pain, XXX (AAAAA) is also your trusted medication.  When burnt, the strain produces an exceptional smoke from other kinds of Indica. It even gets better when one exhales as it leaves a slight peppery taste, but also with some sweet clingily taste on the palate.

Once you take the first puff, you will feel shivers of its effect run down your neck and in some cases even down your face. This send the body an instant state of relaxation. This makes a smoker want to get that tight comfortable spot on a sofa, away from anyone else. Despite the slight boost in creativity and thoughtfulness, that it gives after this, the strain has been tested free from any cerebral mindrace, common with most sativa-dominant products. Once in your tight and comfy corner, the effects send you to a deep sleep. It is for this reason that it is best enjoyed in the evening or late in the night.

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