Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops is an indica-dominant strain that has a lineage of proven cannabis strains – Blue Dream, White Widow, Grapefruit and Blueberry. Each contributes to an enticing hybrid with a fruity terpene profile and high levels of THC. Fruit Loops is often described as a ‘must-have’ cannabis strain and is stocked by cannabis outlets and online dispensaries.

As you might expect, Fruit Loops has a tangy, tropical aroma. Breaking open the buds releases the scent of berries and there are spicy undertones. The taste is similarly fruity with notes of berries and a sweetness that is reminiscent of honey.

Fruit Loops is a fast-acting hybrid which starts with a gentle head-high. Shortly after first inhaling users commonly feel uplifted, their nerves are calmed and they experience feelings of euphoria. Users may feel tiredness dissipate and their energy levels rise but, in general, the head-buzz is soothing.

This improved outlook makes Fruit Loops a good choice for social use. Deep conversations and giggles are likely to ensue when used with friends.

Fruit Loops is normally considered a recreational strain and is especially suited to being used at the end of the day. Its particular profile also makes it suitable for relieving stress, depression and PTSD. Fruit Loops may also be used to combat physical ailments such as joint pains, arthritis and muscle cramps.

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Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops strain is as fruity and sweet as beloved sugary cereal. This was created by mixing four separate varieties-and it’s no surprise that a bud was so fragrant and aromatic.


If you want to share an excellent weed, Ganja Express Fruit Loops is a good option. This strain delivers a beautiful taste and aroma, it has a relaxed feeling, and its uplifting presence allows it the perfect addition to a happy afternoon. Calming without over-sedation, this bud has a natural gift to encourage insightful discussion and reflective mind state.


This weed may be an Indica-dominant hybrid, but it’s a mistake to think it’s causing the couch lock. It boasts a calm, low-key feeling instead. For a happy hour, this plant has the talent to make you feel friendly and cheerful. After a little of this strain, the dialogue may run a little freer, and people will notice a mild, heavy-bodied feeling.

A good choice for artistic types, this strain may often cultivate a reflective, introspective environment. Wait for free-flowing thoughts. Imagining innovative approaches to challenges, or actually treating an existing idea differently, are two of the intellectual capacities this strain offers.


The fruity variety is genetically diverse. Popular parents like Blue Dream, White Widow, Blueberry, and Grapefruit. With such a strong history, this plant has such a special flavor and extraordinary results. A genuinely mouth-watering type, the plant has a powerful tropical tap. Yet, instead, deep berry and tangy citrus undertones appear. The total effect is a delicious herbal concoction that makes a super nightcap.

High in THC, it may be a bit stronger for new consumers. Nevertheless, those with prior experience of cannabis will undoubtedly enjoy the strong blast of this weed.


The  Fruit Loops may be a natural treatment for stress conditions, including migraine.

This  Fruit Loops can also relieve mild to moderate aches and pains. Particularly pains influencing sleep.

Additionally, this medicinal Fruit Loops can help those struggling to fall asleep at night.


Cottonmouth and deep, arid eyes are two of the most common weed reactions, such as Fruit Loops. Seasoned users often ignore dry spells, while beginners may drop a few glasses of water to deal with subtle but persistent irritation.

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Budget Buds: Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops is one of the most popular indica strains around, combining high levels of THC with an amazing terpene profile and, of course, an unmistakable tropical, fruit-filled aroma.   Serene Farms now offer this must-try strain as a very special Budget Buds price. Budget Buds are on offer from as little as $3.99!

Serene Farms is able to offer lower prices on these specially selected as they farm their own produce.  As well as Fruit Loops, customers can now choose from a range of specially discounted cannabis products.   

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Toronto, Feruary 27, 2020

Fruit Loops is an indica-dominant strain that has a lineage of proven cannabis strains – Blue Dream, White Widow, Grapefruit and Blueberry. Each contributes to an enticing hybrid with a fruity terpene profile and high levels of THC. Fruit Loops is often described as a ‘must-have’ cannabis strain and is stocked by most good cannabis outlets and online dispensaries.

For those looking for a strain that delivers a gentle cerebral head-high, Fruit Loops may be perfect.  Users generally have the nerves calmed and their spirits lifted almost immediately after the first inhalation.  This can quickly lead to sensations of euphoria. Other effects include increased energy levels.    

Breaking open the buds of Fruit Loops releases tangy, tropical aroma that contains both scent of berries and spicy undertones.  Berries is also said to be the dominant flavor, laced with the sweetness of honey.

This strain is ideal for socializing and recreational use but is also frequently used to relieve stress and anxiety to treat physical complaints such as joint pains, arthritis and muscle cramps.

AS it is part of their Budget Buds promotion, Fruit Loops can be sampled at a very special sale price from Serene Farms.  


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