LA Grape

Grape L.A. is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Grapefruit and LA Confidential. It has a fragrant smoke with an initial cerebral sativa buzz that slowly transitions into a fully relaxing indica high.

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GanjaExpress introduces its formulated LA Grape variety into its inventory of flowers
GanjaExpress is rapidly giving its inventory of flowers a makeover. The world’s premium online dispensary for a wide variety of cannabis products has announced the addition of LA Grape, part of the Budget Buds line-up, a strain to kickstart its desire to meet the demands of every client and customer. This strain is fun and easy to consume as it is derived from the popular hemp compound.
The LA Grape strain, a budget bud line-up, of cannabis flower is an indica dominant hybrid strain that can be created through the cross-breeding of class Grapefruit and LA Confidential strains. With its origin as described earlier, you probably know that you’re opting for a hell of a high. The LA Grape strain recently added to the inventory of GanjaExpress comes with an effect that could be described as heavy and happy. All these begin with a tingle of light behind the eyes before finally extending throughout the remaining parts of your mind with light buzzing effects.
With 80% of indica and 20% of sativa, LA Grape strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. One other benefit of this plant variety is that it leaves you in an unfocused state that’s slightly sedative. These effects have a relatively high tendency of extending throughout other parts of your body, leaving you relaxed, couch-locked, and entirely happy.
Without mincing words, LA Grape has potent effects and a super high 30% of THC level. Whether it is chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, migraine, chronic stress, or depression, LA Grape is a perfect recipe for a wide range of health conditions. In addition, the sweet buds of the LA Grape strain of cannabis possess an earthy flavor coupled with a hint of rich, spicy coffee. The aroma of this magnificent plant is quite similar to that of a coffee, though, there are signs of pretty pungent smells. More so, it has a fragrant smoke with an initial cerebral sativa buzz that slowly transitions into an extremely relaxing indica high.
The LA Grape strain is available at online dispensary, GanjaExpress. The prices are also very affordable. If you are in search of Grape LA flower, then you should visit our online dispensary at GanjaExpress. GanjaExpress is a tested and trusted online dispensary that delivers quality cannabis products to all clients and customers throughout Canada

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