MK Ultra

MK Ultra is an award-winning, indica-dominant hybrid strain with an excellent reputation among budtenders and cannabis users and a striking, memorable name. In 2003 MK Ultra won 1st place for Indica strains at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and was awarded 2nd place a year later.  It is widely available in cannabis stores across the country and is typically stocked by online dispensaries.

MK Ultra is an indica/sativa hybrid, created by crossing the very well-known sativa, OG Kush, with an indica strain known as G-13.

This breeding has produced a very potent hybrid strain.  MK Ultra has a powerful, unusual odor, which many users compare to burnt plastic and an odd mixture of diesel lemon.  However, the flavor of MK Ultra is less unusual, comprised of classic earthy tastes with fresh pine notes.

The name, MK Ultra, derives from the mental manipulation experiments conducted by the CIA during the 1950’s.  The reason these experiments provided inspiration for this cannabis strain is no mystery – MK Ultra is a powerful plant, renowned for being one of the heaviest indica hybrids on the shelves of your local dispensary.

MK Ultra contains up to 18% THC with CBD at a tiny 0.1%.  This THC/CBD ratio is certainly felt by its loyal users. Powerful cerebral effects quickly sedate the user.  MK Ultra is known for the hypnotic and euphoric effect it produces. MK Ultra users are marked out by their heavy, drooping eyelids.

Medical and online cannabis dispensaries are likely to stock MK Ultra as its capacity to quickly calm nerves mean that it is ideal for when fast-acting, effective medication is needed.  MK Ultra may be used to treat a wide range of painful symptoms and to calm stress and anxiety.

Dispensaries may often recommend it as helpful for treating depression as the euphoric effects are fast acting.  It may also help insomnia sufferers and stimulate appetites.

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GanjaExpress, a budget buds line-up, a trailblazer in the cannabis industry in its quest for the efficient production and delivery of high-quality cannabis products, has announced the launching of another award-winning, indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis known as the MK Ultra. It’s no longer news that the cannabis industry has continued to evolve, and many people are adopting the use of cannabis products for both medicinal and recreational purposes. This is why GanjaExpress, a reputable online dispensary, has deemed it fit to include MK Ultra Strain of cannabis into its product line.
Over the years, the flavor profile of some of the renowned cannabis products has been excellent. Even, people who consume cannabis flowers, aka smoke weed, usually like the tastes. GanjaExpress has remained the only brand that deserves the title “trailblazer” when it comes to the production of high-quality CBD products with exciting tastes. 
Budget Buds like, MK Ultra Cannabis Strain from GanjaExpress is an indica/sativa hybrid that was created by crossing the popular sativa strain of cannabis known as the OG Kush coupled with an indica strain of G-13. According to experts, the cross-breeding of these strains produced an extremely potent hybrid strain. MK Ultra strain produces a potent and unusual odor that can be ideally compared with a burnt plastic and an odd mixture of diesel lemon. However, the flavor infused by GanjaExpress in this particular strain comprises classic earthy tastes coupled with fresh pine notes.
With 18% of THC and 0.1% of CBD, the MK Ultra strain is undoubtedly a perfect and moderate ratio for all loyal CBD lovers. The potent cerebral effects of this strain tend to sedate the user faster than other CBD products available in the market or online dispensaries. MK Ultra is famous for the hypnotic and euphoric properties it produces in the heart of the users. You can easily map out MK Ultra users with their heavy and seemingly drooping eyelids.
MK Ultra strain of CBD can be found in numerous cannabis shops and online dispensaries as it is recommended for a wide range of health issues. Some of these include treatment of insomnia, management, and treatment of depression, and stimulation of appetites. In addition, this particular cannabis strain is also effective for the treatment of painful symptoms and to calm stress and anxiety.
MK Ultra is an award-winning indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis you should try today. This product is available on our online dispensary, and it’s quite affordable. For further inquiries, visit

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