Pot of Gold (Pog)

Pot of Gold is an indica-dominant 90/10 strain, first developed in the Netherlands by breeding two famous marijuana strains – Hund Kush and Skunk #1. Over recent years, Pot Of Gold has earned an equally impressive reputation. In 2003 it was named as the third best indica strain by High Times and has become a connoisseur’s choice. As a popular strain it is typically available in most cannabis outlets and online dispensaries.

Pot of Gold is a visually striking strain with dark-green leaves and buds that are typically sticky with thick silver trichomes. The aroma of Kush is unmistakable, but there is also a clear, sweet scent. Likewise, the flavor profile combines the earthiness of Kush with fruity notes.

Pot of Gold gives a fast-acting high that gives users the classic body-relaxation typical of an indica. However Pot of Gold is more complex. While the body will certainly feel at ease, the effects of Pot of Gold are also sometimes described as ‘soaring’. This is the influence of the 10% sativa, producing a cerebral buzz and an invigorated mindset that leaves users feeling upbeat. The THC content, 18% to 20% is high enough for Pot of Gold to be noticeably potent. As more is consumed the sedative effects become more pronounced and the hours will happily drift away.

Medical users appreciate Pot of Gold’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Pain-management can be greatly helped by using Pot of Gold. It also helps sharpen the appetite and produces clear-headed thoughts which can be greatly beneficial.

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Pot of Gold

TaleOfTwoStrains, Pot of Gold can’t be the best or flavorful of all strains. However, Bmwo.shop pot of gold offers an overall experience, which is undoubtedly very satisfying. A lot of people want to reward themselves with a few puffs of the TaleOfTwoStrains Pot of Gold at the end of a long, frustrating day.


BuyWeedOnline Pot of Gold is a % Indica whose origin contains a well-known form of landrace from Afghanistan named the Hindu Kush. A powerful yet common high Indica which may involve laziness and euphoria, this strain has normal negative side effects. An outstanding strain for severe pain treatment, Pot of Gold, was selected as one of two of over 500 specific testing strains. Flying Dutchmen Seeds picked the strain for its shimmering buds, small size, and very strong yields. In 1985, the pure Indica Hindu Kush mother and the Skunk # 1 father came from California to Holland.

Averaging 15% THC, the strain yields up to 150 grammas per plant, the resinous buds of the strain, and the strong socially positive make it perfect for hashish. Pot of Gold was crowned champion of the 1998 High Times Cup by celebrity judges for his power and has since won a number of awards. Users should be cautious, as this strain of couch-lock can overload some users for more than two hours.


Bmwo.shop Pot of Gold is best known for its narcotic-like spike, almost directly after the first toke. Because of the significantly low Sativa content of the strain, it creates a powerful head sensation that clears thoughts and causes happy euphoric feelings.

Bmwo.shop Golden Pot has an iconic sedative experience that leads to comfort. This can overload users with a profound sense of relaxation, often caused by significant appetite.

Remember that Pot Gold’s couch-locking properties will take over the body of the consumer for two hours. Bmwo.shop Pot of Gold has a high THC level of 23 per % and an hour-long sedative impact, Bmwo.shop Pot of Gold is the perfect night strain for advanced users with high tolerance.


Pot of Gold is a typical pungent and hashy smell with pleasant, fruity, and aromatic sounds. Some users have identified their overall smell as skunk in an apple orchard. Although this may not be the most fun scent of a normal person, it is a delicious experience for experienced cannabis users. The same refers to the flavor of the Golden Bowl. The deliciously spicy, fruity flavor of the strain is definitely the kind of encounter veterans would enjoy.


Medically speaking, Gold Pot is also one of the preferred varieties of patients due to its powerful physical impact.

Pressure is used to provide immediate relief from injury-related pain or serious illness. Its analgesic effects may help to alleviate headaches, muscle spasms, inflammatory symptoms, etc.


Furthermore, the capacity of the Bmwo.shop Pot of Gold induces cravings may be helpful for patients with eating problems or those with impaired appetite, although it’s very pleasant appearance may help to reduce the stress of some users. So what are you waiting, for now, visit Bmwo.shop and buy bmwo.shop Pot of Gold and reward yourself with a real taste at the end of a long, frustrating day. Bmwo.shop makes purchasing marijuana online safe and discreet. Bmwo.shop, the leading online dispensary, invested several years developing strong credibility with medicinal patients and are enthusiastic about medical marijuana’s healthy and lawful use. We sell worldwide highest quality marijuana online. We understand that patients may have trouble buying their medicine from a dispensary for whatever reason; that’s why our online dispensary provides convenient access to weed and cannabis products.


Pot of Gold

Ganja Express Pot of Gold strain is a real masterpiece of an herb, giving a huge body sensation that would have its extremely fortunate consumers comfortable as well as pain-free. Thanks to its antibacterial and discomfort-relieving effects, the Pot of Gold variety is a choice among medicinal weed users. It has a very interesting taste profile, mixing fruit, herb, and sweetness.


Indica strains are popular for their extreme high body effects, which usually keep your sofa locked for a few hours. For many people, the strong physical effects of Indica are just a little overdone, particularly for the less experienced.

Often you do need to be able to work to keep up with the day as normal; however, you like the body’s soothing impact of an indica. So, what are you doing whenever you want an Indica-dominant high, but you realize you can’t tolerate the impact of just any indica at all? That’s where synthetic strains that tend more towards the Indica are good, offering you a gentler Indica Strong.

Ganja express Pot of Gold is one of these strains; as a strongly suggestive mix, it provides far-reaching results of an indica, so when consumed in balance, it helps you to proceed with regular activities.

Ganjaexpress.toPot of Gold is a 90 percent Indic and 10 percent Sativa hybrid strain originally produced by the Dutch seed bank Flying Dutchmen, which crossed the Hindu Kush and Skunk No. 1. Since its creation, Pot of Gold has received a variety of prizes, due to its highly strong physical effects, including the second place at the 2003 Cannabis Cup and being named 1998 High Times Cup Winner.


Ganjaexpress.to Pot of Gold has a smooth scent, which is immediately noticeable and has a strong hash smell, mixed with a sweet, fruity. Crushing reveals more fruitfulness in Pot of Gold, which tells you to rip the deck off a store fruit salad and to conquer it with a combination of new smells. Pot of Gold releases a thick smoke that fills the air with sweet notes, which make for a very welcoming and warming experience. When you exhale, you are covered by a nice smoke cloud that has visible hash notes.


Ganjaexpress.to Pot of Gold has a flavor profile that mixes rare ingredients, which nevertheless contributes to a delightful experience. You are hit by fruit and weed in tandem with the first haze and earthy vibrations, which reach deep into your taste buds, as haze travels into the mouth and the lungs.


  • to Pot of Gold is the number one medical use is a form of pain management that stuns your body and offers you a few hours of relief because of its strong physical effects. It may be used to alleviate moderate to chronic intense pain, which has a debilitating impact on everyday life. Changing the dose dictates how effective a painkiller is in the Gold Pot so that the pain intensity is changed.
  • to Pot of Gold proved particularly successful in the treatment of depression and insomnia. The emotional relief and the sedated physical effects help you to rest and sleep peacefully after a busy day.
  • The leading online dispensary, Ganjaexpress.to Pot of Gold is also used as a normal sleeping tablet replacement. If you’re fresh to marijuana, you could suggest starting with this Ganjaexpress.to Pot of Gold, You will enjoy the real benefits of sedated painkiller.


People recorded using Gold Pot to combat stress and noticed that the mental clarity results that last upwards would offer you much needed constructive stimulation. It is necessary to remember that even a modest dosage locks the sofa and that it’s not a routine remedy to solve stress because you’re not going to be doing anything of your day, but it may also be a perfect burden if you’re searching for a couple of hours of clearness and hanging out. So why are you waiting now to visit Ganjaexpress.to, the premier online dispensary and order Ganjaexpress.to Pot of Gold and enjoy the rest and sleep peacefully after a busy day!!

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