Twisted Extracts – Indica 3:1 Cannabis Oil Drops (75mg THC + 225mg CBD)

Simple, natural and versatile. The new Twisted Extracts Drops are made with only two ingredients; cannabis extract and avocado oil. Whatever your dose, these drops make it easy to incorporate cannabis and CBD into your daily routine. Add it to your coffee or mix it into a salad dressing, the possibilities are endless.


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Twisted Extracts – Indica 3:1 Cannabis Oil Drops

While awareness of the therapeutic benefit of marijuana is growing across the world, more and more states are legalizing its usage. CBD oil or drops is now becoming extremely popular as a medication to manage health problems such as anxiety, insomnia, and even cancer naturally.


Nowadays, many claims that CBD oil or drops can alleviate anxiety, reduce fear, and improve appetite as marijuana does. CBD also has the power to treat other diseases. Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops is a new, useful, sustainable cannabis use method. The largest online marketplace for all cannabis products is now available at Twisted extracts create herbal goods comprising only two ingredients: cannabis and avocado oil. Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops are specifically designed to incorporate cannabis into your regular health routine.

Twisted Extracts – Indica Cannabis Oil Drops can be picked based on the cannabis strain used, retaining very precise, standardized quantities of active ingredients.

Twisted Extracts Cannabis Oil Drops CBD and THC ratios. This is a very common ratio because a limited proportion of THC supports active CBD. Every twisted extract bottle contains 75 mg THC and 225 mg CBD.


Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops is a strong product that is suitable for a broad variety of uses and can be used in several forms. Users usually love to drink Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops individually, in cocktails, or as a food condiment.

If you have poor faith in your dosage, the dosage will increase slowly. Over time, Indica Oil Drops can spoil and easily lose their strength and spoils. Twisted Indica Oil Drops must be kept in a dry place.

You can order this life-changing Twisted Extracts – Indica 3:1 Cannabis Oil Drops from, and if you have any concerns regarding this safe, healthy cannabis oil, contact Here you can find all the answers to your query, and you can purchase all the Cannabis Oil at a quite low price.

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